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M42 75/18 self-propelled gun

Several photos of the M42 75/18 self-propelled gun found in 2000 in Rimini. The vehicle is essentially complete except for the left idler wheel which appears to have been stolen in the 1970s by workers who had to bury the SIP pipes.
Vehicle blown up by an internal explosion that caused a fire. The floorboard was found to be detached, „bulged” outwards, the left side plate was evenly folded, and shell fragments were found in the upper door.

The casamata and coffins were at the bottom of the opening, under the tram tracks. This was probably because these wrecks were then used to fill craters caused by artillery shells that hit the area hard during the final stages of the war.

Since there is no sign of perforation, it can be assumed that the vehicle was sabotaged before it was abandoned and then possibly pushed back by the British.

The German insignia can still be seen on one of the side walls of the casemates.

According to historian Amedeo Montenaggi, the self-propelled vehicle could go to the 162nd Turkmen Infantry Division, which fought in the Gothic line with English troops in the summer of 1944.



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