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Reconstructed 7tp tank

Thanks to the elements and equipment of the Polish 7TP light tank that survived the war, gathered

by Grzegorz Klimczak,

its reconstruction began in 2006.

In 2007, the original running gear of the tank was reconstructed from the preserved parts

belonging to two examples.

This year, a decision was also made to register the foundation in order to obtain additional funds for the reconstruction,

as so far it has been financed from private funds of participants.

In 2008, the hull of the tank was reconstructed from the original parts and the construction of the tower began,

which, due to the lack of original elements, was built from scratch according to the

preserved documentation.

At the turn of 2008/2009, the engine and interior equipment were installed in the vehicle.

The entire body of the 7TP tank was completed on August 15, 2009, and in 2011 the tank was launched for the first time
and made its first ride.

At the end of 2017, the Polish Army Museum purchased the tank for its collection for less than PLN 2 million.



Muzeum Wojska Polskiego.

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