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Sd.Kfz 6 extracted from the Warta river – Poland

SDKFZ 6 excavated in 2011 in Białobrzegi, the vehicle was lying in the old Warta riverbed, where the water level was still high. So first it was necessary to get rid of it. For this purpose, dams were built on both sides of the wreck.
source TVN24
After the water was removed, the two-hour blowdown began. Then it turned out that the wreck was lying upside down. Fortunately, it was not sucked to the bottom and could be towed to the shore. The whole action was supported by divers. On the shore, the vehicle was already placed on its wheels.


source TVN24


A five-ton vehicle that pulled cannons could transport goods or people. According to the information received by the museum, the tractor was taken over and used by the Russians in 1945, until it sank in the canal. Local residents partially dismantled the parts of the tractor to which there was access. The artillery tractor was lying in the canal for 66 years. The renovation of the vehicle took only a year and is currently on display at the “Muzeum Broni Pancernej w Poznaniu”.



Muzeum Broni Pancernej w Poznaniu


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