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Stug IV from Rgilewka River – Poland

There have been at least five attempts to extract the StuG. The first, in the 1950s,
the Polish army tried to get to the wreckage, but nothing came of it.

In 2006, another attempt was made, but it was only possible to extract the turret of the armored cannon, in 2008 another attempt was made, which was successful. The stug was excavated in Grzegorzewo from the Rgilewka River. Inside the STUG, 49 bullets and rifle cartridges were found, as well as a helmet, boots, STG 44, a pipe and cutlery, but no human remains were found.

The Stug IV is a very rare and valuable armored gun, the Germans produced only 1100 pieces. StuG IV belonged to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Tank Destroyers Regiment of the “Brandenburg” Panzer Grenadier Division. The Stug was renovated just one year after its extraction. Currently, the vehicle is capable of moving on its own and is exhibited at the Armored Weapons Museum in Poznań. It is the second found and exhibited in the Polish museum Sturmgeschütz IV. The first such vehicle, in a much worse condition, was recovered in 1999 and is now, reconstructed, on display at the Museum of the White Eagle in Skarżysko-Kamienna
Another STUG IV from “Muzeum im.Orła Białego” w Skarżysku-Kamiennej







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